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Reset printer Canon PIXMA IP1000

These printers are very good, have a highly economical and durable consumables, printers were the first to use a separate head ink cartridge marked difference Canon printers and users of these printers are grateful for it.
Today it is difficult to get one of these printers and consumables are the most economical on the market, the head of it is a little pricey but worth buying by giving this printer performance and economics of their impressions.

To reset the printer need the help of a program which will download and run we enter the printer settings and tell this to the same pads are empty and filled as internal printer system considers the following links to download the program is reset.

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Reset printer Canon PIXMA iP1000 

As always to reset a Canon printer will need to enter the service mode of the printer, in this case it does not have many buttons to press but still has a way to enter this mode.

Steps to enter service mode:

  • Disconnect the printer cable feeder electricity
  • Open the lid cartridge access (side cover of the printer)
  • Pressed the button on the printer
  • We connect the electrical power cord from the printer
  • We closed the door cartridge access and release the power button
Now our printer must be in service mode, what we do is to use software that you downloaded to reset the computer. Run the following program when we have already downloaded the program.
ip service tool for canon printer
ip service tool for canon printer
The picture really then the points are marked with red are the first that we select, and continue by clicking on the option that is marked with blue color, and finally which is marked in black.

With the latter will apply the selected options first, then turn off the printer and turn it on again, it must be reset after the process.
reset canon pixma IP1000
reset canon pixma IP1000
If the problem persists please contact us through to a comment in this publication, we will gladly help you.


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