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Reset the printer Lexmark 5400 Series

The factory reset printer helps us remove any error is present which we have no knowledge.

With the reestablishment the printer will have the opportunity to use our printer as if it were the first day ie data when the printer completes the process appear on the printer screen to begin configuration as the first day.

Follow the steps explained below, if you need help feel free to contact us.

  • When we restore a printer lose all the settings you have, there is even the possibility that we have to configure the drivers and put another printer that will appear as the default, usually the same printer you are using but later (copy 1).
  • Do not release the buttons that allow you to restore the printer until it is not complete, you can cause a fatal and irreversible damage to the printer.
  •  Together we press the "Power" "Cancel" and "Default Color" all these buttons buttons simultaneously.
  • Follow the printer, after the reset to set the language, region, date and fax settings.

If when we send these documents to be printed and not printed, knows to go to printers and set as default printer to the printer that may appear beside we already have installed.


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