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Reset the printer Samsung ML-1660

When a Samsung printer toner filled and do not change the chip having the toner is possible that the mistake that the printer does not recognize the toner and bulb flashes the red flashing printer appears.

Something to keep pending before reset an Samgung printer is that it can be no other printer attached to the computer, the printer may be having an error such as paper jam, out of paper etc.
Another point to be outstanding with this printer is that the printer can not be visible connectors, ie we should cover them with tape put on the computer and start the process of resetting.

What we do first is to download the resetter for Samsung ML-1660 printer, you must know that it is only necessary to reset the printer when you've filled out the toner cartridge does not eliminate other printer errors such as paper jam errors and physicists.

are explaining how to reset for the printer to recognize the refilled toner cartridges, as you know these printers have a reader pages that tells you how many pages have printed with the toner cartridge when it comes to the number of pages for rendering this will lock the toner and not allowed to continue printing.

Turned on and properly connected via USB printer cable we get the toner and cover the connectors, we again toner and covered with connectors and where this printer error again begin the process with the file you have downloaded.

  • ML1665-30.fls drag the file to the usbprns2.exe and run the second.
  • In the installation process you can not turn off or unplug the printer from the computer, this will damage the printer immediately.
  • If the reset has worked perfectly light blinking in red above now blink green.
  • Do not remove the ribbon connectors, toner should continue to operate with the tape on.


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