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Resolve the error 5200 in Canon MX320 Printer

The error 5200 on Canon printers is when temperature increases the printer when it is actually because of the cartridges temperature increases, either because one of these is out of ink or because they have the head covered.

It is normal for this to happen on printers with systems installed ink dispatched to print and thought hoses ink being printed and is not, then the following procedure is to eliminate this error of these printers indeed very good printers.
So logically when something is hot it is best to pour water, and like the ink cartridges you can not pour water will ink, see our publication as filling the ink cartridge Canon 210 black and as filling ink cartridge Canon 211 tricolor.

After filling the cartridge, the cartridge leave it for a while and disconnect the printer, check the connectors both the cartridge and the printer are clean.

After filling put it in the printer, the error appears again, if if so press and let down for at least 15 seconds button stop / reset until the printer resets it and resume printing, if you have perfectly filled cartridge error should disappear.


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