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Resolve the error P22 in Canon printers

Normally in Canon printers that have this type of error are multifunctional printers, the reason is that to appear this error is necessary that the printer has scanner because the error lies in the scanner.

Whether for a jam or because this escancer this derailed appear on the printer screen P22 error, if this never appeared in the printer before it is advisable to turn off the printer, let it sit for a moment and turn it on, try copying or scan, if the error persists will then have to contact the printer manufacturer "warranty service".
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These errors often be caused by the following reasons, the printer has been dropped, if the printer may fall derailed scanner, as you can see the scanner are on a track which takes you from one place to another in the tray superior to copy.

When leaving this lane that is stuck, you can hear some noise and error actually began to appear when the printer is unable to reach an extreme where it is assumed that the sensor indicating that the process is complete sway.

Be very careful when placing heavy objects on top of the scanner, heavy objects exert a force on the glass of the scanner and can bend the material tray escancer, why can not move freely the escancer.

If you know of repair of printers can disassemble the printer and install another drive scanner, if he can get another unit verify that it is the same model printer, by the fact that one is a Canon printer does not function must match the same a model.


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