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Set printer Brother DCP-J315W to print via the Wi-fi

We have always featured Manufacturer Brother advances compared to its competitors, such printers with its compact style and good performance in both domestic work as a business has proven very useful for buyers.

Now much of printers such as the DCP-J315W has the type of connection available Wi-Fi, this connection has become one of the most important printers for giving us the flexibility to work anywhere the range that covers this connection, without the need for a cable connected to our computer.
The procedure below how to set the printer to print the network connected to a Wi-Fi printer are as follows.

Is possible to configure four different ways the printer to print wirelessly, the most recommended is using the control panel of the machine, the others are WPS or AOSS also the control panel of the equipment the PIN method with Wi-Fi and protected by Brother installer application.

Then explain the procedure on how to configure the printer via the control panel of the machine. In the control panel select the option (Conf. Assistant) this is the easiest way you can wirelessly connect the printer to the router, you must know the router information and password.
brother printers setup wifi
brother printers setup wifi
If you have previously set this printer with a wireless network is suitable to restore the network configuration of the printer to do it again.

We managed to upgrade the network of this type of printer Brother pressing Menu then have to select for the down arrow or up to reach network, and then we press OK, the next menu sailed up to restore grid, select OK the machine is restarted automatically.

The steps to configure the wireless network are here:

  • We press MENU
  • We sailed by pressing up or down until you reach RED.
  • Already in RED sailing until we find the option selected WLAN.
  • Then navigate and select Setup Wizard.
  • The message that if you want to activate the WLAN press OK appears.
  • After each step the wireless printer settings to the router starts, if we must press cancel to cancel / stop.
  • The printer seek all available networks to connect, if this finds more than a use the up and down buttons to select the one you want to connect, if the router has a password need to enter it when it needs it.
  • To accept the settings select whether to undo the settings, select no.
  • If the whole process takes about 60 seconds to exit successfully connected the printer appears, and the printer is connected to the wireless network.
Now to see how to recognize a printer connected to a wireless network visit our publication as connecting to a printer on wireless network.


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