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Solve printer Canon PIXMA MP280 does not recognize cartridges

When a Canon PIXMA MP280 printer does not recognize the cartridges, here method to solve this case is simple, we need to rule out possible solutions and verify the behavior of the printer.

What if we have to do first is to clean the ink cartridges, usually that is why this problem occurs.
Identify who is blocking the connection of the cartridges, correct and try not to exceed in the future, this error will not cause serious damage to the printer but can not print until the cartridges are not recognized by the printer.

Do a little cleaning cartridge connectors, be very careful with the head of the cartridge, this is not necessary unless clean your cartridge is clogged.
1.connectors 2.cartridge head
1.connectors 2.cartridge head 
If you're using an ink system, the possibility exists that fair system hoses elbow to enter the ink cartridge, you must leave this printer connectors make contact with cartridge connectors.

Remove and put the cartridges do but to put them firmly, verifying that they are not pressured by the printer carriage. If the ink system have then sold will have to drill the tricolor cartridge red color just a little below the hole that this cartridge brings manufactures and seal the hole that already has the cartridge with hot glue.

It is recommended to see to do a system installation ink Canon PIXMA MP280 printer. Finally, if the ink cartridges are burned and then there is a solution, all you have to do is replace the ink cartridge when a cartridge is burned has no solution if we can take steps in the future to take care of the connectors and extend the lifetime of our cartridge. In case of any questions please contact us.


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