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That ink is better to refill my cartridges ¿pigmented or water?

It really all depends who need ink cartridge refill, it is normal black ink cartridges used with pigment ink sponge inside. And the color ink cartridges with sponges used in water-based inks.

Pigmented inks are using black ink cartridges for the quality that this leaves in printed documents, documents in black need a firm quality when printing, a pure black color, pigmented ink is needed as the name says this made based pigment, whereas the magenta, cyan and yellow need to be mixed with other colors to give more quality prints.
Unlike water-based ink ink comes less pigmented page, it stays in top area of the page is fast drying and radiant color for longer than water-based ink.

The water-based inks are used for color cartridges in printers, the ink that is water based does not mean we will get lower quality than with pigmented ink, even it would be wrong for wanting us obtain better quality pigmented inks we supply a cartridge when we should put water inks, as we said before, this type of ink allows the possibility that more colors are mixed to make other colors.
pigmented water-based inks and
pigmented water-based inks
Another important factor is the manufacturer, usually ink cartridges HP and Canon are the more filled in the pages of the manufacturer's information for that type of ink used cartridges appears.

Printers using separate ink head as is the case with HP Designjet printers and Epson photo printers come from the factory with pigmented inks, we must continue to provide the same type of ink to prevent plug the printer heads.

We must be very careful when buying ink for continuous ink systems, there are people who sell inks at a high cost and these have no extra quality, often even rename the "ink dye premium" inks something that is not good, because if your printer uses pigment inks no matter how premium is the ink will damage our heads.

We recommend documented on the website of the manufacturer to the type of ink used cartridge you are using, you may even ink cartridges use different types of ink both black and color cartridge.


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