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That is a printer model

A printer model is what identifies the item within a brand, as happens with printers about cars, appliances and almost all instruments of our daily lives.

A model is unique in its kind and within a brand, has qualities that only one of its kind they have at the same time serving to identify where support or change replacements.
The models on the printers can get on the front of the printer, usually right, left or center, you may have numbers and letters confuse difficult.

It can not be confused with serial because the serial is another way to identify an article but this within what is the model of the printer.

The printer model may come accompanied by a number, which can not be confused with serial because this serves to identify a set of such models.

The model serves to indicate if the manufacturer supports exactly that team are talking, brand or manufacturer is broad because it takes a lot of printer models.

When we go to make the purchase of a consumable (cartridges), we know that model we are using, just knowing the brand of printer will not get the proper consumable, keep in mind that it is very important to know the model before buying, after a toner cartridge or be uncovered is difficult to receive a refund unless factory problems you have.


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