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That this compound toner powder

Some people think that the toner cartridges are filled with liquid ink, like inkjet cartridges, the truth is that it is not, these toner cartridges inside have a black powder consisting of various substances that each makes a function to get the pages as we receive them on paper.

The powder sticks on page very differently than it does the ink cartridge inkjet method. Then discuss the components having the toner dust and what is its role in the printing process.
The first ingredient of toner dust or plastic polymer that adheres to the page when it merges with the fuser.

The material used for the polymer can vary by manufacturer, eg styrene acrylate copolymer HP used, however other manufacturers may use polyester resin or other materials. The low amount of polymers can be a problem in toner not perform well compared with others.

The polymer corresponds to 60% of the material is manufactured toner powder. Another important ingredient is iron oxide as the roll printer is magnetically charged, the iron oxide is what attracts the toner powder into the rollers before being transferred to the pages.

This item constitutes 40% of the matter that makes up the toner powder. The dye gives the pigment, this gives the toner color that characterizes it from other laser printers are composed of three four colors, black, magenta, cyan and yellow.

These and other factors are those that make the toner powder, one that is tiny but important is the wax arena, this gives the toner making it the texture and consistency. This can vary depending on what the manufacturer.

All these ingredients are mixed together in a batch, it may be that the particles are uneven, has been improving over time the process that helps small amounts continue with the same composition toner powder, with new chemical processes can occur small amounts with more efficiency and quality.

We recommend ordering the best quality toner before refilling a toner cartridge, this already know the composition and you can tell that the minimum variation reflected in the pages we print. Also a good place to do tests to measure quality is essential.


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