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That time it takes to dry the ink cartridge

The components used ink cartridges, one party is so it does not dry quickly. Instead another component that uses the same ink is to dry quickly, of course when this outdoor fast drying possibilities increase, saying when outdoors does not remove the possibility that a cartridge dry completely inside the package original manufacturer.

The question is How quickly dry a cartridge in the original packaging?.
This question has several response as there are many factors that influence, one of the most important is the temperature where the ink cartridge is stored if a high temperature cartridge has a great chance to dry faster.

Normally a cartridge can last in the original package until seven years if stored in a cool, dry place, is where answers another question of whether the cartridge expires can be used.

Actually what matters is the content of cartridge ink here, if this is intact it can print without any problems.

If you've uncovered the ink cartridge and used this lasts much less after we left to use, is recommended when started using a cartridge spend as fast as possible and not stop using it for a long time, this is exposed to air and as we said before the ink components have one that is to dry the ink when plasma on the page.

Tips for the cartridge does not dry fast

Is advised when uncover the cartridge first put to the printer, do not leave out the cartridge because the printer when we turn off the cartridge takes a position that helps conserve ink, this cap cartridge nozzles automatically and within printer temperature is more room for the cartridge.

Not last long without using the printer, you should use the printer at least once a week, so the printhead is not sealed.

If you fill the ink cartridge does not remove the label that has the number and color cartridge for this goes a lot faster air dry the cartridge, if it is damaged replace it with another can even use some tape.


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