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The advantages of using a copy machine in the office

A copier is a team which is recommended for office use for its ability to print large quantities of documents, the most modern copiers in recent years allow us to connect as a printer at the same time use as copiers, which reduces the cost per product in an office copier consumables scale tend to be more expensive than any other monochrome or inkjet printer.
Copiers allow many ways to connect to them and office work is desirable to have a team with great ease of connection, also the variety of paper sizes that can withstand a copier is a convenient factor.

It is normal for copiers are priced high purchase more than any other printer, although this time we will realize that we have made a good investment.

The only disadvantages of copiers for the use of office is not able to make color prints, copiers usually not a color for the cost of consumables.
copiers for office use
copiers for office use
A great advantage of copiers for office use is that these are mostly multifunctional, almost all allow us to receive and send fax, print and scan.

The options of using more than one tray work is necessary to avoid having to get up from your desk to put long or short pages, almost all have a screen where you can manage print selection before beginning to print documents and AC tray with some copiers feature very useful.

Something that does not help copiers is the high consumption of electricity, if an office does not have a stable electricity is not convenient, the installation since this increases the amount payable on the possibly electricity up to 10% in a small office.


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