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Tips for scanning documents correctly

The scanner is the tool of the decade in the area of printers, this has shifted the fax as a method for sending documents to a second and positioning first using email, send and receive documents allowing for better and more clarity by other means.

You can scan documents and then edit with the help of the scanner, either an image or text document.
The scanner previously only came as unique hardware, while printer manufacturers are including scanner in almost all printers, these teams add copier, and with little effort for them to make this a scanner too.

But as we care for the scanner to continue to get the same image quality than when new.

Then try to explain that how to care and maintain a scanner either a single computer or a scanner in-one printer, it is recommended that this process approximately every month, does not require much time or effort just to make the process a routine for care for the equipment.

No. 1
Clean the glass of the scanner:
The scanner is an imaging device, which digitizes everything we put on the top glass, so the glass must be clean, if there is any brand, either dirty or a piece of land, dead insect or whatever it will appear in the image on the glass is recommended not to use a damp cloth with water, prevent water from penetrating the upper inside of the scanner.

No. 2
The position paper on the glass:
Is paramount, it is always recommended to use as a guide indication is on top of the glass, or normally put the document starting from the right front corner.

No. 3
The lid covering the scanner:
Can be easily removed if you see the need to scan a very heavy and bulky book paper, is recommended to remove this cover, unless this count with a sensor, see the documentation manufacturer it will find the weight that supports your team on top.

No. 4
The scanner gives us the ability:
To edit any image you've scanned or rather manipulate, if you see the need to scan a small document and print it a little bigger, scan the small and enlarge it on the computer and then print.

No. 5
If I want is to edit:
The image properties such as size, color, format is recommended scanner from the printer software. You can learn how to do in our publication as scanning a document.

This and other information can be found on our blog regarding the scanner can help care for and maintain the equipment running smoothly, it is recommended entering the content of our scanner label to see more publications.


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