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Types heads inkjet printer

The inkjet heads are the most fundamental and important part of a printer, receive the signal from the indicated times with the right amount of ink that has been spilling onto the paper.

Of the operation of these print quality depends on many occasions and cost and print quantity.
At first printers only used two printheads installed directly on the cartridge, so that a black print cartridge color with its head and a cartridge with the yellow, magenta and cyan.

The fact that printers functioned thus came to create sometimes some discomfort because if you use one color more than another you'll be forced to completely replace although the content of the other colors do this out, these consumables that bring the 3 colors on a single cartridge are usually more expensive than bringing him individually, also the print quality is lower and in most cases the print quantity is smaller.

On the other hand we have printers that use only one head in which the cartridges are installed which usually are usually the black, yellow, magenta and cyan colors, unlike photo printers usually include magenta colors ligth ligth and cyan. These printers are usually more expensive yet the benefits are larger.

The cartridges typically include a chip which enables the printer head can detect and read the ink levels. If one color runs out just the color you replaced without changing other colors.

Print quality is a bit higher because they are more technical and specific printers. Currently you can consider one of the major disadvantages of this printer that sometimes the printer head covering may fail or not being recognized by the printer, then replace missing, so generating the prices of these heads is usually double that buying a game cartridges use.


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