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Types of paper path printers

When we buy a printer, there are some details that we miss these details can affect or improve the final result are printed documents, who say that the paper path is an important aspect in the printer.

The truth is that everything is important, remember that a printer costs money and everything that has to do with money we have to take it seriously, then do a short description of who are the types of courses and how they directly affect the printed pages, the reason for all and cons.
Let's start by saying that there are three main types of tours printer is three and these are called path U, L route and direct route. Some printers may have two types of tours, so you better opt fence with our need.

Printers with tours U

This is the kind of travel of more ordinary paper and used in the domestic printers or micro-enterprises, is where the paper goes under or in front of the printer and out the same door but above, doing a tour around the printing process.

It is the most used by printers inkjet and a lot of printers inkjet, this method can cause jams frequently the role because when it is processing print fold the paper and loses the rigid form brings the paper.

This type of course does not help many types of paper such as photo type, this usually lost the way and hard to bend, it helps to verify that type of paper your printer can print.
printer form or route U
printer form or route U

Printers with tour L

This tour has taken a boom in recent times thanks to Canon printer manufacturer, this much of printers in its class uses this method of travel for the role.

This form is a paper input tray on top of the printer when the paper starts to go east to reach the output tray has to make an L, when the page comes folded the paper lightly.

This method ensures operation in A4 pages, but when it comes to legal size pages is a small problem because they do not have enough support to stay upright, another factor against this type of journey is that printers have to let a large amount of trash or even insects after frequent cause paper jams may even damage the rollers of the printer, the Epson printers have to use much this method.
epson printer tour is L
epson printer tour is L

Printers directly route

This type of paper path is when the printer has a paper input tray in the rear a new output paper tray at the front.

Thus there is no friction making it possible to put a thicker paper in printers without this wrinkle or cause a paper jam even cause damage to the printer, it was considered a complement this type of journey, since in the largely accompanied the tour L or U laser printers are the largest implemented such systems.

A major disadvantage of this method is that it requires a lot of space in the rear of the printer to withstand a lot of papers and the other is that if you put in the front of the printer just above the output tray, this does not leave much room for other roles.
laserjet printer direct path
laserjet printer direct path
The type of route of a printer imports more than it seems, we realize now on, when we buy a printer choose the type of paper path that best suits our need, if we already have a printer with a guy of course we know by the previous reading that kind of work we can submit, and because of some things, actually know that everything matters in printers.


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