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Unclog Epson Stylus TX130 heads

If pages we print are coming out very clear or striped it is necessary that we make cleaning to the injectors from our Epson Stylus TX130 heads printer, for this  we  will need to use the printer buttons or the printer program that gives us access to the configurations.

Should be known that if there is a cartridge that does not have enough ink that is why we will review that all cartridges have the right amount of ink. First thing we do is check the nozzles, to verify if they are clogged to continue with the process.
How to check the nozzles? First thing we do is turn the printer off, put normal A4 sheets in the printer pressing the cancel button on our printer  and turn the printer on t again with the cancel button pressed.

When the machine is on we release the two buttons the printer will print a test page where you can check the quality and the state of the injectors. see image below...
clean and dirty epson printheads
clean and dirty epson printheads
If we have a clean head we must review the document that we are sending or check electricity power cord, if we have a dirty head we must proceed  cleaning both normal and deeply.

Do cleaning on Epson Stylus TX235W nozzles:

Before we start cleaning we have to check that none of the indicators is showing an error we load normal pages then we keep the cancel button  pressed at least three seconds to allow the printer to start the cleaning process, the power indicator flashes consecutively while a process is heard inside the printer.

If there is no improvement in the printer we wait about 6 hours with the printer at rest and do the cleaning again but this time deeply in the printhead.


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