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We can use generic inks for Epson printers with tanks of factory

The new printers Epson ink tanks factory are one of the best options we have to buy factory warranty to recover much of the money invested.

Ie we bought a printer from these pages and to terminate the warranty period we will receive the best price, full page color scanner even some copies, all with the best warranty.
But how to keep this warranty? simple, use one of these printers with original ink pots manufacturer covers us if the system 100% of the computer inoperable, printers are very good and strong as they alone but can damage any printer use even being the most unobtrusive.

It's good to have a full replacement warranty available for damage but can not use generic inks mean go and buy these inks for Epson printers and get them into the ink tanks, if we do this we lose the warranty of the equipment in if full.

We recommend using these printers without using generic ink all original inks are very inexpensive these codes bring their factory, meanwhile if we use generic inks codes we have to be looking around the Internet.

Believe me when I tell you the price of a share of generic ink is almost the same to the original ink code yet and therefore recommend consumers always use original ink printers with ink tanks manufactured.

This does not mean that generic inks that are commonly used to fill the ink tanks are bad or damaging the printer with ink tanks manufactured, only those normally used for ink systems adapted to Epson printers, quality is almost the same, unlike the original which likewise are guaranteed by the manufacturer.


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