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What are the XL ink cartridges

The ink cartridges are consumable XL version as ink cartridges normal version, depending only these have a higher yield per page, while printing can reach up to three times the amount of pages that print cartridges normal version.

The advantage of these cartridges is performance, if these cartridges canon much support for what is the installation of a continuous ink system, not all printers use cartridges XL version, more manufacturers use this type of cartridges with Canon and Hewlett-Packard brand.
XL cartridges vary the appearance depending on which cartridge type is largely cartridges of this type only vary the ability to support ink, ie sponge inside the cartridge supports more ink, other cartridges vary even appearance such as individual ink cartridges HP printers and HP 74 cartridges.

If we are to fill an ink cartridge XL version we need to know how much ink cartridge supports to supply just the amount of ink that is factory which incidentally is more ink than standard cartridges.

The XL version can also get HP toner, we can not confuse what is the introductory version of printers with what the normal version and XL version, as we know the ink cartridges that bring printers are manufactured under ink and therefore similarly fewer performance.


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