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What happens if we open and wash ink cartridge

An ink cartridge with sponge inside is most important in a printer of this type, have a head including ink and a circuit that allows the printer to print.

When the ink cartridge cover, we can come to believe that we will get a uncovering the cartridge at the top and sponge cleaning solution.
sponges ink cartridges
sponges ink cartridges
Actually this is not the solution, but that we should remove accumulated ink in the ink head, this is the plugging and no sponge cartridge, this only serves to retain ink and although we remove the cartridge sponge and wash our we clean or replace it by another, will not solve the problem.

If we uncover an ink cartridge, and change the sponges the possibility that this damage are many, many reasons, ink cartridges along with the sponge have a circuit which is easily distorted, damaged if they stick some and if parted too well.
The position comes the sponge inside the cartridge is only when we try to uncover a cartridge may want to harm therein and hardly seal cartridge such as is found.

It is advisable to give care to the ink cartridge as much as you can, do not let the ink is spent entirely in the cartridge and stable in the printer use, takes the syringe inside the shallower printer you can.


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