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What is the best brand of printer?

You may know that printer need, but do not know which brand to buy, chew all printers have the same types of printers, similar to many factors.
But What is the best brand of printer? it's really not hard to tell, we obtained information of the main peculiarities of the manufacturer, in which some printers do better.

These include print speed, text quality, photo quality, speed copy, design, silent printers, networking.

Depending on what your need in this form will choose the best printer that suits their work, these statistics are made based on inkjet printers, all in one, toner, color jet, photographic, printers work.

Printing speedText qualityPhoto qualityCopy speedDesignSilence printerNetworking
★ ★ ★ = Good   /   ★  ★ = Medium /   ★ = Bad

This information should be able to make an assessment of what is the best printer based on their need, because all manufacturers have almost the same types of printers, this is a way to choose, know that you only need to choose the printer based on your needs, whether you are a printer that has a decent and organized office, the print speed is not necessary to choose a printer that has good looks.

Below is a table that makes statistical explanation of the problems that may have a printer, in the case of better grade is better outcome compared to its function for example in box printer less hard will look the one with the lowest score is the less printer lasts a lifetime.

Be yourself judge compared to the resistance of printer and printer you need for your business or home use.

Frequently problemsThings importantBig problemsFull life
According to statistics Brother seems to have better overall quality but greater presence in frequent problems, Canon offers the best quality but is a trademark of slow printer, HP is in the middle of the printers but provides reliable durability.

Epson printer is maintained even above average but every day unless these printers may sell for this is that both problems are not present.

This information is autonomous recommend using it only as a reference, it was a http://www.inktechnologies.com/blog information taken from the blog written by Greg Gladman. translated and adapted by +José Altagracia Paredes 


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