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What is DPI in the printer

This term is part of the specifications of a printer and we need to know before buying a printer. Some buyers know that we speak but some other consumers do not know, these terms are important to know them to know that we are buying.

The DPI on a printer is the meaning of "Dots per inch" in Spanish means "Points per inch" in conclusion is the number of points that are printed in a square inch on the page.
Actually when we are seeing a printed image we are seeing a lot of points, small dots and tiny than all make the image actually print.

The DPI strongly affects the quality of printed documents, while higher is the number of dots per inch is the best image quality, which depends on the type of printer and this varies depending on its. An example of such an image is made by spots. view image...
image dots per inch
image dots per inch
As we see in the image on the left are the points in the right image, you can see with the help of extremosa closer we got.

You may notice a certain amount of points that make up that small segment of the image, ie for a complete image has to be the number of points in the description of the printer.

Then show a picture where a square inch, an image with another image with 600dpi and double points ie 1200dpi. view image...
compared dpi image
compared dpi image
This tells us that when we send to print an image with a 600dpi printer will get a square image with more curves than with a 1200dpi printer, with the latter able to image the precise, defined and more defined curves.

Importantly printer to many points in an inch more is needed more time to print, these respects when we put the printer to print on optimal process takes much longer.

Some printers can have even a resolution of 2400dpi, this have a use in his photography majority and are lasercolor.


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