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What is ePrint in printers from Hewlett-Packard (HP)

ePrint is a new way of printing on modern printers HP manufacturer, with this new tool we can send to print to your printer from any remote location just send an email to your printer, this does not mean that the system becomes obsolete configuring the printer via Wi-Fi, as they are very different tools and we will get different results with each one.

What one might say is that it is similar to Google Cloud Print, just do not get the same quality as the tool ePrint print documents with variations like the sent.
When we enable our ePrint printer Keyboard this will have an email address where receive the documents you send and print it immediately.

We can print PDF documents, images, word documents etc., this tool has a word processor called ePrint Center where you can manage and view all documents printed or reprinted if we want.

It is recommended that if you have the need to print a document with best quality do it the conventional way using the printer software.


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