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What is the name of the colors used cartridges

The base color printer is four cyan, magenta, yellow and black, these colors are not what they may seem, for example appear yellow, red, blue and black.
In reality they are just black and yellow are the substantive model synthesis color colors magenta and cyan are colors of subtractive model, this is a kind of combination that are named as CMYK and its meaning is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key.

These colors "which uses the printer" is for accuracy and good results in industrial use today including mixing these colors can easily create other colors are based pigment colors and are based on the absorption of light.
subtractive colors
subtractive colors
Refill cartridges for two types of ink, a pigment ink is this gives higher quality prints, as this largely based pigment ink and water based, this is used much more for color cartridges eg HP cartridges used mostly water-based inks for color and black cartridges for your pigmented inks, so can give customers what they offer "laser-quality prints"...

We can usually get the inks water based on any computer shop or store to refill cartridges, ink pigment that is a little more expensive than ink water based only used for printers with heads, use based ink Water can damage the heads of the designjet printers for inkjet printers can use any ink, preferably water-based ink is more advisable.

Do not be fooled by buying an extremely expensive ink thinking that this may help your printer to print better such as printers with continuous ink systems, usually speaking of an ink DYE PREMIUM which is the same based ink water, and is not as premium actually.


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