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What to do if the cartridges do not move

It may happen that one day our printer decides to stop completely and stop moving the carriage guide cartridge from side to side to the printing process, it is even possible that the printer on, but something we must be clear, that day we have serious problems with the printer, this only happens when the printer is about to be damaged or the printer is damaged completely.

It can also be a simple error that has the printer, which we solve by ourselves, without the need to call a service that charged us if the solve as if not solve the problem.
A printer carriage stops is because something is blocking the way, this leaves us with two possible causes as would not move the cartridge carriage.

1. It has been a paper jam in the cart:

As you know we deal with papers, it is possible that a paper jam leave a torn piece of paper inside the printer which caused the car can not move.

The recommendation to eliminate this problem is to disconnect the printer cable electrical feeder, check carefully within which there is no piece of paper that this hindering the passage of the head which carries the cartridges, it is recommended to use light as flashlights printer.

2. Iron where the head moves this rusty:

If the printer you are using is old, it is possible that to happen, he had along which cartridge is made of iron and it is possible that over time accumulate moisture, which can be converted into oxide, which prevents the passage freely head with reciprocating motion.

To clean this tube is recommended to use a penetrating lubricant called 3 in one, or which is used to remove rust from the locks.

Ourselves with hands and off printer power cord electricity move the printhead, do the same forced movement that would make the printer to print, so would eliminate any rust that has the had the same printhead.

The printer carriage is also possible that if the printer door is open not move, if inadvertently leave this open door or the printer is not detecting the sensor where it closes you may give us a problem that not moving heads.

What we need is to check where you are in torque sensor tell the printer that the door is closed, if it is convenient to replace broken and if this is not reaching the door well we do a little forced.

Another factor is electricity, it is possible that the printer is not receiving the amount of electrical energy needed to move the printer, what we do is test the printer with another power source or from another connector electricity, either in our office or our home, is recommended in case of electrical problems contact someone who knows the area.


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