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What to do if your printer disappears "printer device"

It is possible that one day we are using the right printer without any problems and another printer is not installed, or when we send to print out the document no come.
printer error
printer error
First thing we do is to confirm that the equipment is installed and working perfectly. For that we go to printing devices located printer is installed it is assumed if this does not appear, begin the process of removing and installing the printer again.

To do this we must go to control panel, look where it says install and uninstall programs, if the printer driver appears this is installed uninstalled it and installed the printer again.

If we do not have the installation CD must download and install the drivers from the Internet, it is recommended to download from the manufacturer's website.

To install the drivers again we recommend you use the computer printer disconnected, ie install the drivers without the printer is connected to the computer until the installation process says we must connect the printer to the computer.

If the problem is often continued we install the driver and the problem must be repeated to contact vendor support, or format the computer.


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