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What to do when the laser printer "Communication Error" appears

This is a normal error in laser printers and looks more printers color, follow the procedure below and we will fix the problem easily if you follow the disadvantage not hesitate to contact us, but first follow directions below.
As the message says it was an internal error in the printer, we have to do is try to rest the printer for a moment, when we say a moment recommend turning off the printer and leave without electricity for at least 30 minutes.

The next is to connect the printer again and check what your state, if the printer still with the same problem, try changing the power cord electricity, also serves to check the electrical voltage connectors home or business.

Should you be using electrical protectors such as UPS or power strips for high voltage disconnect it and connect the printer directly to the power supply of electricity in our wall.

If the message still contact the customer service of the manufacturer or the company that sold you the computer.


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