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What to do when the printer says "installed used cartridges"

This error is common if your printer is the HP brand and fill ink cartridges, the printer is right to say that the ink cartridge is used, it is very difficult for a new ink cartridge tell the time to put that is used and if so the printer is printing no problems.

The truth is it's not an issue we should worry, if we put the ink cartridge after refilling the printer recognizes that this cartridge has been earlier and say that this used.

We should be concerned if the error and the printer can not print, in most cases the printer has this message but continuous printing without problems.

It is also possible that the ink cartridge still not filled but we have to remove it from the printer by one or another reason, the printer will immediately recognize when the ink cartridge is put again this is used.

Learn why the error "cartridges installed previously used" is simple, all due to the system of counting the pages to which account printers also may be manifested in saying that the ink cartridge is empty after filling it appears, everything is related.

One way to solve the problem is when we remove the ink cartridges not closing the lid that gives access to the cartridges in the printer, can not let the printer identifies that no cartridge in the printer, if we open the door of the printer we remove the cartridge and leave the door open, fill the cartridges and put back the message appears unlikely.

It really is not a problem this message to appear on the printer, as we have said this is hardly the printer stops printing but it is important for us to clear this message follow the procedure described above.


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