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Which means "toner save mode"

Few people know the meaning of "saving toner" mode even few people know as savings enabled mode to laserjet printers, buying toner cartridges is a very high price that is sometimes difficult to be bought, there is a way we can make an adjustment to our printer and that render us about 30% more on pages.
There are alternatives that can be considered as refilling toner refill kit buy and fill us or buy compatible toner.

Economic mode lasers can be called in several ways, EconoMode, this name is because of the way the name of this adjustment in English and which bring printers manuals and even in the properties thereof.

Saving Mode toner that is corresponding to the translation of EconoMode name, Draft Mode this term was used for printers inkjet and has stayed with LaserJet printers, the term that is in the printer settings look the way how to make a configuration so that the toner last us more.

It is important to know that a printer saving mode reduces DPI "dots per inch" of our printed pages, this does not mean that the quality of our printing decreases as we'll be getting the same quality printouts but less dark.

The if you choose to print on the economy mode laser printer depends on what your need, there must necessarily documents printed with high quality and others that it is not necessary, the economic mode of a laser printer can make temporary or permanent, visit our publication as setting the economy mode laser printer for more information.


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