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Which printer to use for an Internet center

This case is similar to buying a printer for businesses, because of the number of pages that need to print daily, the bigger is our need or more pages need to print we meet higher performance must be our printer.

An Internet center is a place where people go to connect to a computer either chatting, searching information, even make their homework in most cases customers will need to print documents.
Actually as much of a profit center are the pages that print customers, but How can we make even more profitable impressions?... this can be achieved with the help of a good printer or good printers, these must be accompanied by the main characteristics of a good printer economy, performance, reliability and functionality.

You may need even more than one printer, because if we do not have much budget you have a color printer and print another printer to print in black, this is after an assessment to see what types of printers exist and know what kind of printer need for our internet center.
internet center
internet center
Depends on printer need the amount of product we print daily, if we have a minimum consumption of approximately 500 pages per week, we can do with a simple color printer for color documents inkjet and laser monochrome printer black for documents in black.

If we have a consumption of more than 1000 pages weekly need a multifunction inkjet printer color and (monochromatic) multifunction laserjet printer, if we get a copier printer to use as it is much better.

Monochrome printers are printers that only print in black and are micro-business use, these printers are highly recommended for constant use for resistance and if initial cost proportionately low compared to other laserjet printers.

Recommendation, never buy a color laserjet printer using Internet center, documents are printed in this business do not need much color quality as for LaserColorJet printer, inkjet printers is always recommended, if we are able to buy a printer continuous ink system and give us much better performance warranty.

Printers with continuous ink system can be very useful and also a headache if the appropriate printer or who sells us not installed well, it is always recommended to require security and explanation of the procedure is not buying, ask who sells a printer if number of pages you can print with it and make your own statistics based on investment and the money you get from the printer if the printer starts giving problems.

We recommend you change it is not good to have a printer you think that this good when this evil, what does not work is voted the trash can.


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