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Delete error E08 in Canon Pixma MP280

The Canon Pixma MP280 printer is a multinational printer (printer, copier and scan) domestic character with combined use of hybrid inks for high quality printing to its users, either for letters or images.
This perfectly designed for Mac and Windows computers and others. Use the Canon 210 and 211 cartridges print approximately de175 standard pages.

You may be interested to know there is the possibility of locking E08 error indicating that the ink counter registered the waste ink absolvedores have maxed so the canon suggests printer with a manufacturer authorized technical assistant.

In this way they proceed to clean the internal bleeding and change absolvedoras ink pads to avoid future power failures and unlock putting the counter to 0 (zero) to return the printer to function normally.

Now it is possible to perform this task at home to more domestically according to the procedures as may be indicated below, you should bear in mind that this procedure does not clean up the printer, enter only as a service to reset the counters to 0.

Download this program: Reset Canon MP280.

To enter service mode must follow the following procedure:
1. Verify that this is the only printer connected to your computer.
2. We will leave the printer turned off.
3. Press stop / reset button and are releasing the on button.
4. If you release the on button, press 6 times the stop / reset button.
5. Open the program and the option clik clear ink counter.
6. Finally in option Main clik Set.
reset canon printer mp280
reset canon printer mp280
A page is printed and ready.


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