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Error check paper in printers Brother

This error can occur even when you turn your printer for the first time, this does not mean that the printer has produced problems, or the printer is damaged.
draw tray for brother printer
tray in brother printer
Probably just you have to set a little tray to remove this message.
It is normal for even the printer has paper says put paper or check for paper in the tray, for it will draw tray Brother printer, we must check the size of paper you are putting, it is possible that the paper that is not fit with tray configuration.

And with the tray out of the printer next step is to configure the type of paper to be printed, the error is being presented because in the front of the tray where the paper to start the printing process is not catching pages.

We see if you need to decrease the space so that the paper tray fits in a better way. The tray has numbers to be used to select the type of paper, adjust the tray to the type of paper printed.
set the tray printer
set the tray printer


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