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How putting ink system hoses for Canon MP230

Canon PIXMA MP230 printers some deem it are very good candidates for the installation of continuous ink, these printers which have the greatest system for adaptation problem is in the position of the hoses.
How to put the hoses in ink systems is a very important part and that influences the system operation.

We have seen in our publication as installing a continuous ink system other ways to put the hoses, but in our workshop we had to develop a more efficient alternative.
canon mp230 printers
printer canon mp230
You must make a hole in the printer on the right side giving access to the ink heads more effectively and produces fewer jams truck with hoses. see image below...
canon MP230 ink system hoses
canon MP230 ink system hoses
Do all the steps and the same configuration as seen, just and where it displays images so the ink system not jam, the smooth operation will be constant, the only thing is that we will make a perforation to the printer but nothing to do damage to printer operation.


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