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How to know when we should stop filling our cartridge

Everything has an end, and we must be able to identify when it's time to fill no more our ink cartridge, or actually this does not support a more padded.
refill ink cartridges hands
refill ink cartridges hands
With this time and if you are a frequent reader of our blog you should know that this compound inside the ink cartridge.

Well... if you do not know no problem, we will explain, is simple sponge inside the cartridge over time it becomes damaged, this gets to accommodate both ink cartridges that when we put the ink cartridge is what lower rate without deductions, so we must consider changing the cartridge.

Another reason why we should change the cartridge when it is cover is completely, even after using all methods to uncover an ink cartridge that still does not print, depending cartridges know that whatever can not get more than about 5 backfilled.

Another thing is that not all the ink cartridges can be filled, investigates whether there is a procedure to fill the cartridge you have, whether this can be refilled do it, if it is not possible not try to do, only waste time and money in ink.

When the cartridge connectors burn no choice but to vote the ink cartridges, these are not repaired, at least as far as I simply must vote cartridges that are using and try to change the other, this is when the printer starts flashing after putting the ink cartridge.


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