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In which the black holes put the black ink cartridge

Can a black ink cartridge has more than one hole at the top through which fill it, is when we identify what is most convenient for supplying ink, although it seems simple is very complicated but it all depends on what the ink cartridge.
For example the old ink cartridges as they are called the HP 27 ink cartridge, 21 etc, you can put ink in all holes, however modern ink cartridges as the ink cartridge HP 122 or 662 black, these ink cartridges have two holes "lower" have no sponge, when we put the ink in these ink cartridges run out of place inside the cartridge.

Verify properly and carefully whether the cartridge into the holes below, that is, as we know it is possible that the black cartridge has three holes where he can put ink, we must review the two holes below, these must have sponge, when we enter the syringe connected to a sponge, which will ink, if this has not only put the ink on the opening up of the three that has the cartridge.


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