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Remove error P07 Canon PIXMA MP250 full ink absorber

When your printer has printed a considerable amount of ink us the message that the pads are full appears, all is because the printer assumes that given the number of pages printed is necessary to clean the pads, this blocks us in presenting the printer screen P07 printer error.
We should not consider voting the printer and switch to another, even if we reach the head, because the printer does nothing, ie it does not move completely blocked, but for everything there is a solution, in this case what you can do is reset the printer to recognize as they have been cleaned pads and is ready to print again.

The first thing to do, is enter your printer to service mode, we do this by pressing the following key combination on your printer, know that you must be connected and installed the printer to the computer running smoothly and the two ink cartridges posts.

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Process to enter the service mode Canon MP250:
  • We turn off your printer
  • Press the button to stop / reset,
  • With this button pressed, press to turn the printer
  • With the "on" button pressed, release the button stop / reset,
  • Without releasing the "on" button, we press the button twice stop / reset
  • The printer must put a zero on the printer screen, this indicates that this mode of service.
The next step is to run the program will supply then the choice of medium appears all we can reset a particular option absolve ink counter, we reset it, you may wait a moment for the printer receive an error message that everything was satisfactory, the printer may print a page with only a few letters at the top.


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