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What to do if your printer takes a long time to print

Printers today have a connection to print a document, although it may happen that one day our printer gets to take up to three minutes to print a document even more.
cat with paper
cat with paper
Is where we must take steps to ensure that does not continue happening, we must do an analysis and identify what the problem really and how can we eliminate it, for it is recommended to follow the steps below will raise.

What you must first do is check the USB cable, this may put the documents in this queue and not processed, this can usually take longer to print a document, within one to two minutes.

The next thing we check is to connect the printer to another port on the computer, if oxidized either the computer port or the USB cable is possible that the printing speed is decreased, also the USB compounds the printing process and makes it slower.

It is possible that the printer has too many programs, a meant, that this very overloaded, so we must take the step to contact our support for the printer or simply delete programs that we are no longer using, such as navigation bars, more than one ativirus etc.

Finally some reasons that normally slow the printer prints are exposed in this publication if you do all the process that arises here even the printer still slow, just write a comment on this publication we will gladly respond.


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