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Which is better buy HP Deskjet F2480 printer or HP Deskjet 2050

Buying a printer is a very important decision, knowing that printer is we really need, is much more important, acquire a printer is not as simple as buying it, can become even a problem if we do not buy the right printer, then give a viewpoint that is better printer.
hp printer with ink cartridges
hp inkjet printer by Renan S2
This is just a point of view, it will be based on performance and economy before purchasing a printer is recommended to inquire the seller, a small evaluation, that printer really need.

The HP Deskjet 2050 printer

This printer is for domestic use, the best factor of this printer is fast, ie it is a team of last year, which becomes an advantage and disadvantage.

Everyone must imagine that speaks when it comes to modernity, as the latest manufacturing equipment disadvantage in the low performance capability.

This is not the same type of printer you've come to buy, which previously had the HP ink cartridges 21 and 22, this printer even is only made for Latin America indicating less yield cartridges, it may be consuming too high and the quality is not the same.

It is a simple printer, the raw material is plastic not as strong as before, and their lifetime working without problems is much less than previous printers.

In contrast, the HP Deskjet F2480

It is a horse printers, this has a resistance of heaven to earth compared to the Deskjet 2050, this printer uses cartridges HP 21 ink and 22 who pay us approximately 200 pages, both black and color pages.

This printer is difficult to get available in stores, if you get these buy this printer can not buy another printer, know well that the longer printers are manufacturing are much better.


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