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Why not let the ink runs out completely Brother printer

The Brother printer have a big advantage, at the same time it becomes a big disadvantage, then we will have a statement of the case that can occur if a Brother printer ink runs out completely and continue trying to print ink.
brother printer
brother printer by fsse8info
As we know Brother printers do not have a head with the ink cartridge, these cartridges are in the front of the printer, "do not move" and carry the ink through hoses to the printhead, it is responsible for put ink on paper.
It is a great advantage because if an ink cartridge is worn or damaged we will replace that cartridge only for now... the disadvantage of these printers is that when the head is damaged to the printer.

We would not be otherwise than vote the printer and replace it when we left an ink cartridge inside the printer is simply begins to dry and the ink as we know she can clog print heads if we have a long time without use.

When the ink dries head hinder the operation of the printer, all that would be replaced by another, which is why it is not recommended to leave the printer spends in the ink cartridge, it is best to at least two pages to print week, so we keep the print head always fresh and Brother ink inside would not let this be stopped.


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