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As canceling a print from the computer

Cancel printing is a process that is considered easy, occasionally we feel the need to do it quickly and cancel impressions that include more than one page because we will spend a lot of ink and pages.
cancel document from the computer printers
cancel document from the computer printers
When we cancel a print of the right way it is not possible that this will pass print queue is really something not good to have a document in the print queue, to delete a document from the print queue has a somewhat lengthy process.
The most important thing is to know your printer, if it has a button to delete the current printing press is recommended when you need to cancel this fast printing.

In case of no know where the button to delete documents in the printer, can even be the case that we are not near the printer to remove any document that we sent to print the process to follow is next.

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It is important to know that when we send cancel a document from the computer who canceled the operating system and not the driver software for the printer, and the printer is part of our operating system (is installed on our computer) is the operating system sends the information to the printer you cancel a document printing and interfere leaving even half the page being printed and deleted from the printer memory the following pages.

Cancel printing in Windows XP

Operating systems have not made much changes from canceling a document from the computer and prevent this reaches the printer and continue printing.

In operating systems Windows 98 and Windows 2000 is the same process as Windows XP.

Step #1
We can get printers in the bottom right icon with the symbol printing, we click in the folder where all printers are added will open.

We can also access printers start clicking bottom left go to the Printers and Faxes option and open the folder containing all installed printers.
windows xp printers and faxes
windows xp printers and faxes
Step #2
We will see in this folder the printer you need to cancel the document, tell the printer you are printing a document, present the image that is working.

We must open this printer that jobs are simply printing do a right click on the document and cancel appear. see image below...
cancel document
cancel document
When clicking on a popup to cancel document will ask for a confirmation of the cancellation of the document must click OK.

Cancel the printing in Windows 7

This process is a little easier, as you know this operating system is done better and more easily interface for users to use.

You must follow the same procedure when using the Windows XP operating system, just we do not get the printers on the bottom right of our computer.

We can only access printers and cancel documents we are printing if we go to Start (bottom left) go in this case to the printing devices option, just as in Windows XP see the printer you want to cancel the document.

Need to know that the printer model that we have sent to print to that printer know cancel the document, see the file when printing double click on that printer to open and cancel the printing process with a left click and clicking cancel.

You must accept the cancellation, whenever a document is canceled must wait at least one time to really document is canceled and the printer stops printing, do not recommended to turn off or unplug the printer, this will only cause us that when we connect and turn the printer back this continue printing.


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