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Fix error Canon MP280 printer does not recognize refilled cartridges

Ink refill cartridges is one of the best options we have today to save on prints up to 70%, Canon printers are not difficult to refill ink cartridges, these cartridges are independent of the printer as they have the attached to the head cartridge.
refill ink cartriges canon
refill ink cartriges canon by Kathleen Leavitt Cragun
Another factor that helps this printer is that they have the famous chips that block the printer when printing after the refill cartridges, but since nothing is rosy 100% these ink cartridges when the fill may submit to the ink cartridges are empty, even after filling completely.
This is easy to explain and easy to fix... when we put ink cartridges after these spend the entire cartridge does not begin to recognize the ink so easy, even not recognize the ink cartridge to put the ink cartridgeIt has already been spent and never fill again unless we change the ink cartridge completely.

For the printer to recognize the cartridge that has been put back must make a reset Canon ink cartridges, this process is simple and not need the best experience with printing press of a button for at least 10 seconds.
stop / reset button Canon printers
stop / reset button Canon printers
Pressing this button when the printer just say it is necessary to change cartridges because they have printer cartridges are empty, we waited for about 10 seconds with the button pressed.

The printer will start a process like printing, this must wait for the printer to finish, you may then another message appears saying that it has replaced another cartridge or ink cartridge exists.

This may have to do it every time you refill the ink cartridge, it may not be necessary but keep it pending, this type of reset does not solve all the problems that present the printer, if more help navigate our site.


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