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Fix error HP Deskjet 2050 printer — is not recognized —

The error that usually appear when using the Windows operating system is "Windows does not recognize the device" when this happens there are a lot of factors to be generated, just as a lot of possible solutions.
printer hp error when printer
printer hp error when printer
We must prove each and every one explained below to see if there is a solution, if not there and you have bought the printer in recent days say a month before, contact the manufacturer's warranty service.

Computer format

This option must leave for last, and exhausting all alternatives, of which more must trust us, if you're using an operating system forged or optimized with visualizations, we recommend using normal or original operating systems such as Windows XP only, Vista, Windows 7. Any operating system with another name can cause problems.

Check the USB cable

This I say in almost all our publications related to printers that are not recognized by computers, the fact is that is the direct road connecting the printer to the computer, if there is any problem related must begin by USB cable.

It is possible that the USB cable is very old, has rust on the connectors at both the printer and the computer, this must use another printer, confirm if this well when we see that the printer is recognized, if of being wrong will be giving the same problem.

Possible problem with the device driver

This is normal for HP printers, some modern printers have difficulties connecting to the computer, this is all thanks to printers today are very weak and low resistance.

Another may be that you have not downloaded the correct driver for the printer, try downloading the appropriate driver in our publication download the driver or drivers for HP printers from the manufacturer's website.

Contact Warranty Service

It is possible that the printer produces really have problems, for it can only solve the manufacturer, you need to get contact with warranty service for that visit our publication explains how to contact the warranty service.


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