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Fix error "Printer not available" Canon PIXMA MX395

These errors are not really anything special when our printer Canon say printer is not available in one way or another that the printer is not connecting to the computer or the printer has any queued document.
To connect the printer to the computer you need a number of factors ranging from the connection via the USB cable from the computer to the printer configuration files and ensure the proper functioning order of the printers called driver.

Verification USB connection is simple, only must to know where the printer is connected to our computer and confirm that really is connected, you may have met him one day to the cable and this has been taken off.
connect printer correctly
connect printer correctly
It is recommended to connect the printer to the direct USB connectors on the computer, not the front USB connectors or distributor connections, as you know the printer is a hardware that requires a lot of energy to work as it should warm up heads to print cartridges which influences the need for stronger connectors.

Check the printer driver

It is possible that the drivers are not configured in the best way, consider whether in the days around happened something not normal in the computer that can affect the operation of the printer.

It may be necessary to install the drivers again, it is not recommended to consider before checking process by fully all possibilities in this publication show.

Finally it is recommended to check if the printer has any queued document need to be removed, also check that the USB cable is in good condition, it is possible that the USB cable has a lot of wet or oxides are known and do not allow proper communication.

If the printer you are trying to send is not as default may occur this error, configure a default printer is simple.

The memory capacity of the printer is needed if we have a lot of documents and computer hard drive with small storage capacity available may receive error messages like these.


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