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How many pages are printed on Canon printer with continuous ink system

The Canon PIXMA printers with ink system are the best, followed by Epson and Brother printers, although HP continuous systems have not had the best time.
page with ink of cartridge
page with ink of cartridge by TakuUemura
Canon printers are above all show quality and have strength in their ink cartridges to print many pages, FINE ink cartridges that use these printers have the ability to hold large amount of ink in them without bouncing ink or by up, much less below that is most important.

If you need to know really how long does an ink cartridge of these printers, you should know that always, always, repeat always the performance of an ink cartridge is measured in pages now speak of a printer continuous ink but continues to use a printer ink cartridge, this uses the same injection system conventional ink cartridges and as we know the ink cartridges are spent, damaged and even before the end of spending altogether.

Typically, an ink cartridge printers canon print average is 250 pages, is when shipped from the factory, new and never previously used, now filling the same ink cartridge, you can fill out and run correctly about 5 or 7 times we are talking about some 1400-1600 pages we can print with an ink cartridge filling it.

Now, know that getting the ink cartridge inside a printer cartridge touch the connectors, put pressure to put the ink cartridge and other things that are done to fill the cartridge does not help the lifetime thereof, unlike system installed printer ink, ink cartridge never leaves the printer, and this autorefill as prints, this gives us a little more pages.

So you could say that we can get about 2500 pages when using a Canon printer with continuous ink system, about 2500 pages to be printed without problems but only if the ink cartridge is pierced in the right way, otherwise both cartridge and printer began to have problems printing to spend time, perhaps a little faster than normal.

Know that everything depends on which Canon printer you use, there are Canon printers with a print head in a different place than cartridges and ink cartridges in this case function as ink tank simply, they usually last a little longer.

It also depends on the ink used for the ink cartridges, or rather for continuous ink system, in case of using the ink that is not appropriate is possible that the ink cartridge lasts less time, you should consult the person he has sold the printer to know that ink can recommend this, you never believe that a printer has durability for a lifetime, really damaged printers and spoil, is that they are constantly working.

Proper use made of a printer is important, you must know that the printers are selling continuous ink system are printers for domestic use and micro business, never think you will get more pages to a printer that was not made for the job you are trying to do with it.

May you serve our publication on choosing a printer, whether it is for business or work as domestic consumption of little use.


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