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How print from Chromebook computers

First of all let clarify something, the Chromebook devices to print using the Google Cloud Print method, provided a connection to the Internet and a printer supporting this system (modern) is required.

Do not attempt to connect the computer to a printer will not function.
The Chromebook operating system is created to work in the cloud, the word processor is using Google Drive which works only when connected to the Internet, and can only print when we are connected to the Internet.

The printing process is simple and it is noteworthy that can print any document that supports these printers including images and even web pages. The web pages are printed with the same procedure as if we printed from the Chrome browser.

To print a document from another processor must upload this to our Google Drive and from there follow the same printing process used to print a web page.

  • We look for the print option where we are, either in a web page or a Google Drive document, and we click.
  • Select the printer to which the document is printed, the printer must be pre-configured to print using the Google Cloud Print method.
  • Select the printer and click on print, before we can make a configuration page, page type, page number and color.
It really is a simple process, one that must be connected to the Internet and understand the process a little like the Google Cloud Print service works.


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