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How print only black with Epson printers

While Epson printers are really cheap we may see us one day with the need to print only in black or gray scales using this brand of printer.
lot of pages with only black ink
lot of pages with only black ink
The advantage of print only in gray scale is the ability to not spend ink needed when we scan a document and then need to print and color this has parts is an extra expense in ink.
Epson printers have individual ink cartridges, is an advantage when you want to change a single cartridge, so in Epson printers if you only need to use the black ink cartridge for a while, it will not be a problem to replace this after a few days.

The process for setup and can print only with an ink cartridge for an Epson printer is simple to remember when you want to print with color cartridges back to the place setting.

You must know that you can cho
ose to print only the black ink cartridge, you can not choose to use the color cartridge or a color specific.

The this configuration is not recommended for printing photos to black and white, then the configuration process for both printers installed on the Windows operating system and installed printers in Mac OS X.

Printers installed on the Windows operating system

  1. Click on Windows and then view the settings, let's printers or printing devices.
  2. When you are sure that is the printer you want to set right click and properties fence, or preferences.
  3. When the preferences window opens corresponding to the printer you selected click the upper right (normally located) in advanced, this is a label.
  4. Select Black / Gray Scale that depend printer you have. (may appear in the color management option)
  5. Finally click followed by accepting apply.

Printers installed on Mac OS X

  1. We open the file menu and select printers.
  2. Be sure to select the printer you be interested in setting.
  3. Click the button to see details of the selected printer, displayed all the details of the printer you are trying to configure.
  4. Select Printer Setup will open a popup with the options available for the printer settings.
  5. Select grayscale you can also go to color settings and select this option.
If you have a printer that does not apply to this procedure and want to make the settings please write a comment in this publication gladly we try to help.


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