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How remove air in hoses continuous ink

A printer with continuous ink system has many enemies, one of the most important is the air system hoses, which causes you can not print quality or may not print completely.

Then we will introduce a procedure widely used to remove the air that accumulates in the ink system hoses.
ink continuos system holes air
ink continuos system holes air by Matthew
First of all it is important to really know because the hoses of the ink system are filled with air, and the truth is that it is our fault in part, if the system is properly installed and run at least until spending an ink tank then generate problems of this type should know that the problem we have generated ourselves.

Printers ink system is not recommended to move frequently, you should stop in one place and not try to solve any problem it may seem easier if we are not aware of the process both installation and operation.

When moving a printer with ink system the amount of ink in the tanks likewise moves, this causes bubbles to be transmitted hoses which allow not properly circulate the ink to the cartridges.

To remove air hoses already have, we must have significant knowledge of the systems, the ink must always be mouth without air cartridge, this involves propelling or carry ink from the ink tanks or pulling the ink from the cartridge.

The easiest way and we can do if we do not have a special tool is being driving the ink from the tanks, with the help of a syringe without the needle ink.
out the ink cartridge with a syringe
out the ink cartridge with a syringe

This process is not complicated if you do it the way it is explained below:

  1. We hoses off elbow cartridge, or pull the elbows entering the cartridge complete with hoses.
  2. We carefully ink for hoses up to the tip of the cartridge.
  3. When we see ink hoses are not air, we let out air if you have the system, then put his elbows and hoses with ink as it were.
  4. This should be done with all the colors with air hoses.
The other way is taking enough ink cartridges from the ink cartridge, so we need to have a tool they call extractor ink is as usually called in the refilled cartridges.

An extractor performs the function of uncovering the ink cartridges should be covered, if you have one should put the cartridge as if to remove ink cartridge and begin the process to ensure that the system hoses are filled completely and coming off the head ink cartridge.

Know that the air hose system can damage the ink cartridge which is a very high cost of acquisition as a spare.


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