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How remove a paper jam in printer Epson Stylus Photo

The Epson Stylus Photo printers compatible only with Windows and Mac operating systems for printing photographs but we can use for common documents or any other office work.

Your name Stylus Photo is due to its ability to print photos with high quality.
Even if you are a photographer and we have this printer, the day will present a paper jam can fix it using the following procedure.

When a paper jam carries a number of problems, we must not only remove the paper from the printer if it does not resume printing in progress, remove the paper from the proper way to avoid problems in the mechanism of the equipment and check that they are not properly pieces of paper.

The first is to turn off the computer, press the button with the paper for the printer to eject paper. If this does not solve the problem we must open the top cover and remove the paper manually, even after doing this procedure if you want to resume printing must press the button with the paper.
Epson Stylus Photo printer
Epson Stylus Photo printer
If the printer is jammed with paper it is often recommended to follow the recommendations below:

  • We recommend using an organized perfect, unwrinkled paper to print
  • High quality paper to print and face down, if you use photo paper that has a face for printing with special quality
  • It is recommended not to place more than the number of pages recommended by the manufacturer
  • Adjust the paper guides (they are two extremes that are adjusted for firmness pages)
  • Ensure that this printer on a flat surface
After review and the printer still having problems contact technical support Epson, the printer may have trouble factory.


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