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How scan using the program Fax and Scan Windows 8

Fax and Scan Windows program gives us the facility to send and receive faxes from your operating system configuration and only with the help of an external device.

Likewise it allows us to scan if we have a team that allows us to scan the image, this is processed and converted into a file that can be stored in the computer or email.
To scan a document using this tool of Windows will need a printer with integrated scanner, also known as multifunction printers, this must be fully functioning, not having mistakes cartridge and be connected properly to the computer.

When you verify that everything is functioning properly we put the original document on the glass top of the printer with the side having the information below.

If everything is ready we proceed to scan the document, the first step is to go look at Windows 8, this is achieved in the top right corner of the desktop. Wrote in the fax and scanner finder, left applications will not appear on the side and below fax and scanner.
fax and scanner windows 8
fax and scanner windows 8
A window in which we select the new scanning option we have a popup that printers can use to scan the document will be displayed.

Select the printer of our choice, note that only multifunctional printers appear as these are the ones that can scan documents.
select the printer and click on use
select the printer and click on use
The next window that the settings for the document you will scan appears to improve the quality of the document choose a higher amount for the DPI, we do all the settings you want and then click on scan.

After completion of the process the image or document you've scanned in a dialog box that will allow us to save the file or do with what we want to appear.

It is normal for the type of document by default but can select either JPG or convert the scanned document in the document type you want.


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