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How see the ink levels in HP Deskjet 1000

Checking ink levels or know how much ink has an ink cartridge can be known only when using a cartridge original, new and that has never been filled ink.
estimated ink levels HP
estimated ink levels HP
Other estimates refilled ink cartridges remanufactured or used only averages are obtained never really what they seem, the ink cartridges have connectors that tell the printer when they are new, when an ink cartridge has been the printer recognizes this and will not have an accurate estimate that as much ink is the ink cartridge.
HP Deskjet printers are printers for home use that enable us to quickly print page, at least in Latin America ink cartridges that have touched us HP 122 can only print about 100 pages average.

It is important to know when these cartridges are coming to an end, this is to avoid running out of ink a weekend and a lot of work to print, but we can refill the ink cartridges 122 hp.

To identify the level of ink in the HP deskjet 1000 printer must have installed all add printer, called full regular driver is next in the installation CD version, full version can get the driver by visiting the manufacturer's website.


Let us all Windows programs, located in the Windows button at the bottom left of the computer, then a folder on the right side says all programs.

Folder named HP opens, then click the product. Possibly identified with an identical image to the printer you have.

Then click Estimated Ink Level, as you can see even the original cartridges manufacturer has an ink level but "DEAR" because it is not an exact page count of making maker, know that really the printer does not know how much ink is left in the cartridge, only it makes an estimate basing on respect to the number of pages that have been printed while utilizing the ink cartridge position.

Here are identical to the page you will get when we consult the ink level of the HP deskjet 1000 printer image, which can vary depending on your operating system.

It is possible that the ink levels are higher than they actually have the printer, it is recommended to avoid printing blank pages, printers process these pages as if they were pages in ink as noted above estimate ink is based on the number of pages that have printed using the ink cartridge with the printer position.


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