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How to change the default printer in Windows 8

A default printer saves time when printing, it is not easy to select a printer just before printing each time you need to print.

The Windows 8 operating system to put a default printer really is not anything special.
As we have multiple printers installed on the computer is even difficult to print, when you submit the document for a specific printer should be choosing where to do it, if we do not know select the printer just before printing will be even worse when we send to print and neck page because we have sent out by a printer that is not connected to the computer.

The procedure to set a default printer if we are using the Windows 8 operating system, follow the steps as it is in this publication at the end if you have any problems just write a comment on this publication.

Slide the mouse to the top right of your monitor, some choices we have to select the look we appear. There are two ways to get to the printers, one is to write to the devices and printers finder and the other is in settings to choose devices and printers.
devices and printers
devices and printers
The following is like previous operating systems with the right click on mouse select on the options set as the default printer.

Something to consider is that we select as the default printer should be fully operational and free from errors with cartridges or the drivers, if you select a default printer and is having trouble running the prints were stored in the queue.


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